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With his SpeedDream concept, Vlad Murnikov invented an entirely new type of sailing vessel, which combines advantages of mono and multihulls yet is virtually free of their shortcomings.

Catamarans and trimarans possess colossal stability that allows for enormous sail-carrying capacity. They are capable of maintaining speed above 40 knots during long ocean crossings. However in extreme weather conditions multihulls could easily capsize with catastrophic consequences.

On the opposite, monohull keelboats have very high ultimate stability, they capsize seldom and could return into the upright position on their own. The drawback is their heavier weight and lower speed potential.

Click on image to watch a video

The “Flying Keel” invented by Vlad Murnikov for the SpeedDream concept is a canting ballast, capable to rotate up to 90 degrees – and even more! -  from centerline and come out of water even at the lightest heel angle. This brings two-fold benefit by maximizing righting moment and reducing resistance.



With its keel flying over the water far to the windward, just like a balancing float of a catamaran, a monohul l yacht de-facto becomes a multihull with tremendous stability. Yet in case of a sudden squall  that might threaten catamaran or trimaran with capsize, the SpeedDream boat could simply lower its keel, turning back into a classic keel yacht that practically cannot capsize.

SpeedDream concept was developed in 2008-2010

27ft prototype was built in 2012 and tested in 2013-15

SpeedDream 50 offshore prototype was developed in 2013-14

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